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admin: Sun-Rise update:2017-04-11
Model No: SR17-0203
USB Type C Male to USB Type A Female Adapter allows you to connect your flash drive, keyboard, mouse, or other standard USB-A devices to a USB-C enabled device.
Can be used with Apple MacBook 12-inch, Google Chromebook Pixel and other USB-C compatible computers. Use as an OTG cable with OTG compatible devices such as Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, LG, Toshiba, Sony, HTC, ASUS, ACER PC and other smart devices.
Reversible USB Type C connector. Plug and play design. No external driver or software installation needed.(Check your specific device for OTG compatibility.)
Ultra-fast Data Sync (up to 5 Gbps), including video and audio transfer. Max charging output 3A.
Package includes: 1 x 6 inch Type C Type A cable; This iXCC® Cable is offered with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, more information please contact iXCC seller support.